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« There is something about the lost paradise of childhood in Nina Šmídek's visual lexicon: since an artist who loses her childhood, loses her roots.

This correlation springs primarily from the special tone and setting of its themes.

Thus, a whole world of paths planted with trees, snowy landscapes, twinkling lights, fog-shrouded alleyways, trans-human shadows, lush vegetation, graceful or naked silhouettes, or houses lurking in foliage ... weaves a web of light precious charm, of memory tinged with nostalgia where we receive the impression of a life slowed down, a life out of time.

Despite the number of figures, often seen from behind, wandering through the cold of deserted streets, a poignant solitude bathes these melancholic images. The photographer’s sensitive eye reinvents through the precision of her gaze and her inner sense of measure to make the images close and intimate.

Nina is that photographer who brings atmospheres back to life with a studied blur. Her compositions touch on Prague, her hometown, with which she emotionally identifies, and whose strange presence she never tires of interpreting. Within these parameters, nature, humans, birds and buildings are spontaneously coordinated, are ruled by one harmony and one feeling, unlike all those often overly sophisticated retouched clichés that one regularly encounters in magazines.

Here, everything is at once scholarly in the technical process and framing, as well as in the search for the essential, in the angle of her approach to things, and in the resolution of her focused shots. The viewer is immediately captivated by these hushed evocations, dressed in a symphony of changing colours, which sometimes filter in reminiscences of Monet or Klimt. We are immediately addressed by the subtlety of execution, foreign to any transgression of taste.

In Nina Šmídek, one recognizes the gift of being able to embody those rare images that speak to the heart and the spirit. »

rard Xuriguera

Translated by Nathan Fields

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