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... Because it is high time to sublime nature, 

remember the essence of the soul

and create some magic of being...

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In all the different themes I work with, I try to evoke the poetry of solitary moments, miracles of nature, mysteries of life and reflections of the soul.


Imagination sometimes urges me towards the evocation of the supernatural or even the fantastic.

Silence alone allows introspection with its freezing of time.

In silence I realize the visions I carry within me as long as it takes until I am certain I know how to breathe life into them through the image.

My efforts approach the work of a painter. The floral works appear as if the vegetation extends beyond its frame, to penetrate into a dimension where the silences that rhythmize my pictorial music resound.


My approach is one of slowness and isolation.

I let childhood come back to life inside that perceives life through all the senses.


"When a work is born,

it is as if a miracle had come

from elsewhere.
This elsewhere is, however the most intimate part of ourselves."

To English translated by

Nathan Fields



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Svítání na mostě
tribute to
jakub schikaneder

"The ponderous presence of historical crumbs…

Nature in its submission to cycles…

Whites contain existences at the moment of their extinction…

The vibration in the hesitation of being, just before tipping over…

Entanglement of twilight and dawn…

Soon will be what had been…

Licked by the fleeting…

One always approaches, without ever reaching…

And here is time hastening towards the climax of the suspended moment…

A trace of the almost…"


Baron H. Wermann

To English translated by

Nathan Fields

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